Malasañers is an originally Madrid group now settled in Germany. It fuses traditional Irish folk music with modern influences, and in the process giving it a new twist. This band is a collection of international working class musicians with the requisite Irish soul needed to bring this unique style of music to life.
Its new album, “Spanish eyes” (Wolverine Records), has received amazing reviews by lots of German magazines (SLAM!, Ox, Zillo Medieval, Hardcore, Plastic Bomb, etc.) and e-zines (Celticfolkpunk, Crazy United, BurnYourEars, Koasgurads, etc.). This is the band’s second release with Wolverine Records, the first one was a limited edition vinyl split “Welcome to the Folk Punk Show” with The Mahones, The Porters and The Judas Bunch.
With only three years since their formation, Malasañers has already played support to notable bands such as The Real McKenzies and The Mahones, and has played regularly in esteemed venues in Spain, Portugal and now in Germany.
Malasañers (with the Spanish ñ) takes its name from Malasaña, an historical and important neighborhood in the centre of Madrid. This famous area derives its name from Manuela Malasaña, a young Spanish heroine who was killed by invading French forces on the 2nd of May, 1808. This action inspired many madrileños to stand up and face Napoleon and his troops in the Spanish War of Independence.
Due to being well known amongst the substantial Irish community in Madrid and with lyrical contributions from respected wordsmiths of said community, Malasañers ably capture and invoke the Irish rebel spirit, especially with its own original compositions.
Lyrics about Irish history have been written by these Irish friends, while the band members capture their soul and feelings in the Spanish rebel songs.
Music and melodies have been composed by the band but, as said before, with a new modern twist which can cross through the borders of Folk-Punk, Folk-Rock and Speed Folk with newness and energy.


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The artist

Nationality: European

Resident in: Bamberg - Germany